Pig Production

man with pigIntroduction

Our company is today one of the market leaders in pig production. We have production capacity for about 4.000 sows and we annually produce 130.000 pigs for local market (sold at 110kg).

Wherever possible our company is following multi-siting production principle where sows and fatteners are in separated locations.

We produce pigs in 4 farms. Since 2001 all of our farms went through major renovation of production facilities in which we now operate according worldwide best practices.

Our farms

Pig production cycle consists of 4 phases:

1. insemination of sow;
2. farrowing;
3. weaning piglets;
4. growing weaners to slaughter pig.

The whole process since insemination until sales of slaughter pig takes typically 42-43 weeks. According to production cycle we also distinguish between reproduction and fatteners farms.

Production site in Jesenské (Farm Domafala, see picture bellow) belongs to reproduction farms where inseminations and farrowings are conducted. Here we have all sows and piglets till they are weaned.