Plant Production


Pigagro Group is operating in land cultivation mainly through Agroland Ipel, s.r.o. and partially through Pigagro, s.r.o.. Our management headquarter for plant production is located in Ipeľský Sokolec near Šahy.

Most of our own or rented agricultural land is located in the regions of Nové Zámky, Levice and Rimavská Sobota where we employ 13 people. By productivity ratio (employees/ha) we belong to most effective plant producers at the market.

On almost 3.000 ha of cultivated land we produce mainly winter wheat, winter barley, triticale, spring barley, oil seeds e.g. winter rape/sunflower/soya, corn. The total area is divided according to updated plan each year however we have a dividing of the types being apx. the following:

  • 45% grain
  • 35% oil seeds
  • 20% corn

Most of our crop is used for own feed production. Rape, soya and sunflower production is sold on local market.